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SleekLens Lightroom Preset Review

I had a chance to try out the Lightroom Presets for Landscape Photography from SleekLens in trade for an honest review of the product. I generally prefer manual editing in Lightroom over using automated methods for my architectural and real estate photography, however for some landscapes and evening photographs I find this collection of presets from them very useful, mostly as a starting point to the final product. In the fall I tried them out on a luxury real estate photography project on the Pend Oreille River in Washington state.

The first image goes through the editing process starting with the original image (as shot) then shows some of the presets one at a time, followed by my final version as delivered to the client. As always, beginning with a great image is key. Presets cannot recover blown out highlights or underexposed shadows. Editing the raw files also helps greatly.


Original RAW Photo, Taken with DJI Inspire 1 Pro X5 Camera w/15mm lens © rlmillerphoto

As you can see, the original image is pretty, but quite boring and dark in the shadows. The feature of the image is the house but at first glance the eye misses it and goes straight to the river and mountains.

The first Preset is “Calm Sunset” which is my favorite for evening shots. As you can see it took the image from flat and dull to colorful and warm. There are still some adjustments I would make, but overall it did a great job.


Sleeklens Calm Sunset Preset, no other edits added © rlmillerphoto

The next one I tried is called “Dawn Rising” which produced good vivid color again but was not as much contrast but still a great starting point to editing a sunset photo.


Sleeklens Dawn Rising Preset, no other edits added © rlmillerphoto

“Shine into the sun” is the name of the third preset I like for this type of scene. It renders a slightly darker and less vivid scene but still provides plenty of colors.


Sleeklens Shine in to the Sun Preset, no other edits added © rlmillerphoto

The final preset that improved this image is called Warm Shadows. While it did improve the image, it still needs a lot of correction to be considered good. An exposure adjustment and increasing color, shadows, and vibrance would be needed before hitting “export” on this one.


Sleeklens Warm Shadows Preset, no other edits added © rlmillerphoto

Finally, here is my edit as delivered to the client. The preset I began with was the first one mentioned above, Calm Sunset. Additional edits I made included exposure, vibrance, color saturation, selective color, dehaze, and several other adjustments. The flat image we started with is now worthy of sharing!


Final Image as delivered to Client – DJI Inspire 1 Pro X5 Camera w/15mm lens © rlmillerphoto

Another drone image of the beautiful house from closer up. Here is the original, unedited version. the composition is great as it shows the river behind the house.


Original RAW Photo, Taken with DJI Inspire 1 Pro X5 Camera w/15mm lens © rlmillerphoto

Dawn Rising Preset applied:


Sleeklens Dawn Rising Preset, no other edits added © rlmillerphoto

Finally the version I delivered to my client, began with Calm Sunset and added final edits


Final Image as delivered to my client – DJI Inspire 1 Pro X5 Camera w/15mm lens © rlmillerphoto

Here is another example from the same evening shoot. This image is from the front yard looking out at the Pend Oreille River. The original image is very dull and flat. Let’s see what kind of color we can pull from this one.


Original RAW Image taken with a Sony a7rII & Canon 24mm TS-E © rlmillerphoto

Adding the Calm Sunset preset gave me a good starting point, and would almost be deliverable as-is.


Sleeklens Calm Sunset Preset, no other edits added © rlmillerphoto

Here is my final version as delivered to the client. Only minor adjustments from the earlier image with just the preset applied.


Sleeklens Calm Sunset Preset, my edits added © rlmillerphoto

Pick up a copy of the presets here or Contact Us to capture your own stunning real estate, landscape, architecture, or aerial drone images!

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The Falls at Hayden Lake Luxury Real Estate

Live in the only gated waterfront community in Hayden Idaho — The Falls at Hayden Lake. This stunning 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 4,659 SF house on .76 acres has a 3 car garage and access to 1,500′ of community waterfront as well as numerous parks & trails. Exquisite fixtures and finishes throughout the home include a custom kitchen, wine cellar & hidden game room. Outside entertainment at its best with cooking center, hot tub, fire pit and water feature. Use the gondola to access the waterfront park, gazebo and water falls along with your own boat slip on Hayden Lake. This stunning resort home on Avalon Falls Court in Hayden Lake Idaho is currently on the market here by Mark Hensley.  The project included interior and exterior real estate listing photographs, matterport tour, single property website, and real estate twilight images.


Matterport Tour:

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Guardian Life Insurance Spokane Washington

The Corporate Real Estate firm Fischer Company commissioned RL Miller Photography to deliver still and aerial images of the Guardian Life Insurance campus in Spokane Washington which is being listed for sale.  Guardian has office locations all over the United States as well as approximately 8,000 employees and a network of over 3,000 financial representatives in more than 70 agencies nationwide.

View the  listing here

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Hamilton Montana Cape Cod Style Mansion

This stunning mansion in Hamilton Montana was photographed summer 2016 for the Prime Lifestyle Magazine Fall issue.  It includes amenities on 4 levels with an elevator to provide access to each floor if you don’t want to take the stairs.  When you walk through the front door, the open concept living room features solid log timbers and beautiful hardwood floors.  In the entryway, you find a hand-made stained glass depiction of a Grizzly Bear fishing in a stream and Bison nearby in the rolling fields.  It has a custom kitchen with stainless steel commercial appliances, solid wood cutting board counter tops on dual islands designed to accommodate kosher cooking methods.  The library and master bedroom have open gabled ceilings with exposed beams and both rooms feature their own floor to ceiling stone fireplace.  The top floor has two separate guest quarters each with their own kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.  The residence has 10 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms in all, and the attached 10-car garage has heated concrete floors. There is a separate barn/shop which gives grounds staff plenty of room to store tools and equipment.  All of the woodwork inside the home is solid wood and was designed entirely by the owner.  The basement level features a movie theater, wine cellar, game room, indoor swimming pool, custom bar, and a full length underground shooting range!  The wine cellar was designed to resemble the inside of an oak barrel and has space for hundreds of bottles of wine.  This house is a classic!

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