Construction Photography

Construction Photography

  • Job Site Progress Photos
  • 4K Time Lapse Photography
  • Drone Photography & Video
  • Before & After Comparisons
  • Construction Portfolio Photos
  • 3D and 360° Tours
  • Aerial Mapping & Photogrammetry
Costco Job Site Progress Photo / North Spokane / Completed in 2019

Commercial 3D Tours for Businesses

Once your project is complete, show the new space to your clients with a 3D Tour.

Time Lapse Photography for Job Sites

We offer long term timelapse camera installation and management through a strategic partnership with TrueLook. The camera system allows you to get timelapse video over weeks, months, or even years for the entire duration of your build. The live video feed can be monitored over the Internet from anywhere in the world, and past videos are stored in the cloud indefinitely and can be retrieved any time. An optional solar charging system can run the camera without external power for up to 5 days in the event of power outages. The remote monitoring software can be used for offsite job management, progress updates for out-of-town investors, and video content for your website portfolio.

True Look Active Job Site View on Mobile Devices

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