Holiday Inn Spokane Airport

Holiday Inn Spokane Airport

Holiday Inn at Spokane Airport recently completed a remodel of all of their rooms as well as the exterior of the facility.  The rooms are very modern and nicely decorated with orange artwork and bed covers as well as gray accent walls to offset the usual plain white of most hotels.  I was contracted to photograph the interiors and will go back in the spring or summer to complete the exterior.

Technical details: Each of these images are lit, bracketed, enfused and white balanced for accurate colors.  Since we have early sunsets in the winter some of the windows are brighter than others as this was shot in the afternoon/evening, but all came out well in my opinion.  I took some with flash and the white sheets became washed out so I went with the ambient light exposures as the lamps provided ample light.


Canon 5DMk3
Canon 17-40mm
Yongnuo Wireless Triggers
Manfrotto Tripod with Ball Head

Room types: (1) Standard King, (2) Executive King, (3-4) King Suite, (5) Executive Queen, (6) Standard Queen