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Glacier National Park Fall Colors

We went this weekend to see the fall Colors of Glacier National Park with a large hiking group.  Despite the overcast skies and the rain in the afternoon it was a very enjoyable day and made for some great photos!  Our travels brought us to the Avalanche Lake trail which was amazing.  My favorite part (aside from the beautiful glacial lake) was the waterfalls through the rocks on the way in.  It is so amazing how the water carved its way through the granite through the centuries.  The leader of the hike mentioned that during the spring, the creek (which was around 2-3 feet deep) would be around 12-15 feet deep and rushing very fast.  That would be cool to see, we may need to return in the spring once the park opens again.  In the afternoon we hiked the loop trail which is just off of the bend in the Going to the Sun Road and leads through the forest that burned in 1993 leaving thousands of standing dead trees.  New trees are starting to grow in and should be filled out nicely in another 30-40 years.  Due to the rain we turned back after a couple of hours of hiking but we were all tired anyway.  After about 6-8 miles of hiking we called it a day and headed back to get some dinner.  While tough to get a lot of photos, I think there are a few that turned out pretty decent.  Hope you enjoy them!


Waterfall & River Photos



The next gallery contains the mountains, trees, and fall colors from our hikes



On the way there we saw a prescribed burn near Quinn’s Hot Springs, and on the way home we saw a rainbow



And a large herd of Bighorn Sheep!