Corporate Portraits

Shaun Rhames Fashions Product Photography

I have been working with Shaun and his stellar apparel line for about a year and have enjoyed being a part of his product branding and website photography.  We have photographed everything from shirts and apparel, to wristbands and hats, and even models wearing the clothing.  Shaun himself has been a part of many of the projects as well.  A sample of each of the projects is shown below

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Clear Chiropractic

In addition to being the owner of Clear Chiropractic Dr. Bell is also a fellow member of the Spokane Young Professionals (and the doctor who put my back in line again earlier this year)  Their office was looking to do a fun portrait session with a Christmas theme and asked me if I would take their photographs.  Their staff were very fun to work with!

Here is the card they put together.

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