Autonation Subaru

Earlier this year I photographed the Autonation Subaru showroom in Spokane Valley as part of my Autonation series of projects.  Being a Subaru owner myself I was very happy to work on this project.  The facility has seen major improvements after it was remodeled in 2014.  It is much more modern and open than it was before and the wall art is very attractive.  This was a winter shoot and thankfully the weather cooperated and even gave me a nice twilight sunset for the exterior.  I can definitely recommend the staff and parts department of this dealership and give them the highest rating.

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Audi Spokane

Earlier this year I photographed the Audi Spokane showroom in Spokane Valley as part of my Autonation series of projects.  Popular with Audi and many other auto sales companies are vintage wall murals showcasing the automobiles of yesterday racing, driving, or just looking good parked.  Audi has a storied history in Europe beginning in 1932 when four separate automobile manufacturers merged to form one company.  August Horch was the Pioneer of the car company and named it after the Latin version of his name, Horch (or Hark) which is translated as Audi.  The company gained fame in European auto races and went on to make some of the finest cars on the road today.

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Mercedes-Benz of Reno

Mercedes Benz of Reno Nevada was a great project!  I enjoyed photographing the facility and meeting the staff.  Beginning early in the morning, I started outside with some twilight shots.  Later in the day I did the same with full sunlight for comparison.  Once inside the showroom you will see the finest cars at this dealership beginning with a Silver 2013 Rolls Royce Phantom Aviator edition (all 35 of these cars are silver with a matte gray hood) and a 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 in black with a black leather interior.  Then there were two AMG models on the floor, a white CLS 63 AMG Coupé and a red CLA45 Sedan.  Each AMG engine is hand built and carries the stamp of the individual engineer who built it on the top of the engine.  Following that, the customer waiting room, service reception area and the area where Mercedes Gear is shown on display.  Visit their website to see their current inventory

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