Bella Tess Apartments - Spokane Valley Architectural Photography & Video

Bella Tess Apartments

The Bella Tess Apartments are an upscale multi-family housing complex in Spokane Valley. Featuring modern design elements and bright colors, these eye catching designs are appealing both to residents and passers-by. During the 90’s and 2000’s, apartment design usually consisted of plain A-Frame design and bland khaki colored siding. It’s nice to see that the style is shifting to single pitch rooflines and interesting colors for housing communities. These images were captured to assist in marketing the property.

Here is the video that showcases the property and amenities. It is a combination of drone video, interior walkthrough video, and exterior tripod footage. Some of the residents agreed to sign off on being models in our video so we got to have some motion in the fitness center to make it more interesting.

For more information about architectural photography or video production give us a call or send an email. To learn about the Bella Tess Apartments visit their website here